Chicago Futsal Academy

6122 North Clark Street

Chicago, Illinois 60660

Phone: 773-681-0019

Talk with your feet. Play with your heart.
Coed Leagues


Chicago Futsal Academy offers Men's, Women's and COED recreational and competitive leagues all year long.


The recreational leagues are open to players of all abilities and experience. The emphasis of the recreational league is on learning soccer and having fun.

The competitive leagues are for advanced teams participating at higher levels of competition. Competitive division is determined by individual confidence, team experience, and performance results teams with league standings and other criteria.


The COED league combines the best of both styles of play from the men's and women's game. Join a team and enjoy the great competitive tempo and unique tactics of the coed game.

The Futsal Promise:

Futsal provides you with more touches on the ball and an opportunity to try new tricks and moves in a constant fast-moving game. We promise Futsal style of play (touchline boundaries, smaller field size, heavier ball, 5v5 format) will bring your performance to the next level.

Futsal is all about Skill.
The smaller field size, a heavier ball can be a real challenge for those typically successful, athletic forwards on an 11v11 field. A small field takes away some raw speed and athleticism and makes a player heavily rely on their touch, quickness, and ball movement.  You sometimes see a lackluster player in an 11v11 become a superstar in a 5v5 format. It boils down to who has superior ball control, and a playmaker mentality.

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