CFA Player of the Month

​Grant JR. - December 2014

The coach says Jalen has great foot skills and stays very focused throughout training. Jalen says his favorite team is Barcelona. He aspires to play just like Barcelona's Neymar. 

​Jalen is a driven player and is always looking to add more creativity and foot skills to his game. We love to see young talent working so hard to be great at the game they love. Thank you Jalen for demonstrating what it means to talk with your feet and play with your heart!

Robert - November 2014

Catalin, the CFA Elite Academy's Coach, is so proud of Robert's progression throughout training. Catalin has a very special place in his heart for Robert, because they both share a Romanian heritage. The amount of creativity and foot skill that Robert displays is unprecedented at the age of four.

Robert has better dribbling and ball skills than kids twice his age. We can not wait to see Robert continue to grow and develop and blossom into a great soccer star! Thank you Robert for demonstrating what it means to talk with your feet and play with your heat! 

​Marisol Lopez - October 2014

Marisol has an impeccable work ethic, and her skills have grown exponentially throughout the course of training. She listens intently to instruction and never talks between drills. Marisol makes it very clear she is there to learn and improve. ​She is the only girl in the class, and she doesn't let the boys intimidate her. Marisol is a true athlete and force to be reckoned with on the field. She is very talented and will go far in her soccer career if he keeps it up. Marisol trains hard every Saturday morning with the Chicago Futsal Academy 's Elite to be a better player. Thank you Marisol Lopez for all your hard work and demonstrating what it means to talk with your feet and play with your heart. 

​Adrian Pasic - September 2014

Adrian favorite thing about Chicago's Elite training program is learning something new every time he steps on the field. It is is evident in Adrian's focus and attention in every soccer drill. His eyes are always on the coach and the next bit of instruction. He is a talented player and a joy to coach. Thank you Adrian for demonstrating what it means to talk with your feet, and play with your heart!

​Miles Morrow - August 2014 

He is a young version of Andres Iniesta from Barcelona. Miles does everything that the coach asks and gives a 110% in every drill. The Coach knows if Miles keeps up the hard work he will have an amazing soccer career. It is a pleasure to watch Miles play. Thank you Miles for demonstrating what it means to talk with your feet and play with your heart!

Marc Medina - July 2014

Marc gets up early every Saturday morning to train with Chicago Futsal Academy 's Elite. He works hard to be a better player each and every time he steps on the pitch. Futsal has helped improve Marc's foot skills, and quick thinking. Thank you Marc for all your hard work and demonstrating what it means to talk with your feet and play with your heart.

Save the Ta Tas Tournament 

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and Chicago Futsal Academy is took this opportunity to have a tournament fundraiser to raise money for the charity. We are brought all the women and men together for one common goal to Save the Tatas!
Chicago Futsal Academy Family is so thankful for all the teams that came out to participate in our first charity event on October 18th. The Save the Ta Tas Tournament raised a total of $960, and 100% went toward breast cancer research. We were overwhelmed with the amazing talent and sportsmanship displayed that night by all the players and volunteers.

Congratulations to the top performers in the tournament with the WSC Supporters winning first place with an incredible last minute comeback against Manchester United. Balkanika and Rack Attack tied for third place, and fell out of contention by only a couple tournament points.  As an organization, we will continue to provide more charity opportunities in the 3 v 3 arena to help our local community.  Stay tuned for our upcoming tournaments to provide food for needy families and organization in Chicago and internationally . Thanks again to all the participants for donating their time, talent and money to such great cause!

Chicago Futsal Academy offered all participants a discount of $50 off their next team registration fee for all of CFA's upcoming leagues. We hope to see you at see on the pitch!

​Check out
Facebook page for some additional photos and videos from the event. 

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