Chicago Futsal Academy

6122 North Clark Street

Chicago, Illinois 60660

Phone: 773-681-0019

Talk with your feet. Play with your heart.


Want to work on your game, but no one is available to play? It’s raining out, but you still want to practice? Drop by for a pick-up game or just to kick the ball around and get some runs in.


  • FIRST COME FIRST SERVE! (Walk-in Registration)
  • Only $10.00 per player

Here’s how it works:

  • Teams are formed.
  • Team 1 and 2 start playing. Remaining teams (3,4) wait on the sideline.
  • Winner stays on the court.
  • If there's a tie, Team 1 and 2 go off and wait on the sideline and Team 3 and 4 come on.
  • If one team wins three games in a row, they come off - rest.
  • If two teams are eligible to come on – rock, paper, scissor will determine the decision game of choice winner goes on, loser is on deck.
  • The more you win, the more you play.
  • The cycle repeats itself for the evening.
  • There’s no referee but there’s a staff person to help resolve disputes and make sure things run smoothly.


  • Players: Men and Women, 14 & up (18 and under must have parent sign waiver).
  • Ball: Futsal size 4 regulation.
  • Number of Teams: 2minimum, 5 maximum /per field.
  • Number of Players: 5v5
  • Length of Game: varies (5 - 7 min)
  • No referees. Players control game as a group. 
  • Boundaries: Lines. All restarts are kick-ins, no throw-ins. Corners are on.
  • Restarts: 4 seconds to restart or change possession. All restarts are indirect.
  • Fouls: all slide tackles are fouls. All hand balls are fouls. All fouls are indirect.
  • Players must resolve disputes amongst themselves. Remember that you only have some minutes to play, so arguing over trivial matters such as possession works against you.

CFA has a “ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY” for fighting.

Meetup Group

Please check our Meetup or facebook page for pickup details. Pickup dates and times  are subject to change based on field availability.

Pick-Up / Drop-In