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Chicago Futsal Academy

6122 North Clark Street

Chicago, Illinois 60660

Phone: 773-681-0019

Talk with your feet. Play with your heart.


Join us and be part of a Chicago Futsal Academy's Soccer Monster program that focuses on building basic soccer skills for kid's three to four years old.  Our mission is to educate and inspire the next generation of soccer players to fall in love with the game of Futsal. You will play a crucial role in fostering the development of kid's motor skills and enhance their social skills by working as a team. Chicago Futsal Academy is seeking enthusiastic, positive, and confident individuals with a great sense of humor for our early development program. Past soccer experience preferred, but not required. A positive attitude, leadership, and dedication to positively impacting children within your community is the only real requirement. 


Job Duties:

  • Establishing and implementing of Futsal/Soccer training systems, goals, policies, objectives, procedures, and practice curriculum; development, and coordination
  • Run Futsal/Soccer clinics, training programs, workshops, educational programs, seminars, preseason meetings, practices, Assist in conducting school outreach programs; presentation
  • Participate at league meetings, and in schools
  • Provide guidance, direction, and motivation to children of all ages
  • Acting as a liaison and maintaining lines of communication between CFA Board of Directors, Executive Director, Club Administrator, staff, members, referees, parents, school administrators, and private sector personnel;
  • Possess a strong knowledge of the rules of Futsal/Soccer;
  • Possess substantial Futsal/Soccer playing and/or coaching experience
  • Require effective communication, organizational, and dispute resolution skills, especially with children, and maintain a flexible schedule; professional and/or international playing/coaching experience is a plus.

Attendance at local, regional games
Licensing courses. 

Requisite Educational/Experience:

  • B/A in Physical Education, Coaching, or similar field
  • USSF or FIFA categorical license required
  • At least three years’ experience in a similar field
  • Substantial experience playing and coaching experience at college, premier, or national level required. 

Please email resumes and questions to: 

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