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Talk with your feet. Play with your heart.

Futsal Develops Superior Talent
Here at, Chicago Futsal Academy, we recognize the value Futsal can have in supporting the development of a young player. What futsal does is it gives you many more touches on the ball. Your technical ability is in overdrive, where you’re becoming technically sounder at a quicker pace because of the small field. With the lack of space and boards, you have to react faster and think quicker. That’s what futsal does in all the aspects: movement off the ball, movement with the ball, dribbling, shooting, proper runs, goalkeeper. It’s soccer on high speed.  The [futsal] size four ball with little bounce stays at a player’s feet more and is very inducive to increasing the technical ability of the player. 

Chicago Futsal Academy offers a variety of training programs, leagues, and opportunities for the youth to come out and enjoy futsal while developing their skills.

Youth Futsal Training Programs

Elite Training
Falcão 12 developed by Falcão, the Best Futsal Player in the World and plays an integral role in developing world-class soccer stars like Messi, Neymar, Ronaldo, Robinho, and Coutinho. Futsal has proven to improve foot skills, creativity and enable teams to gain valuable possession skills that will drive positive results in the outdoor arena.

The main characteristic of Futsal methodology is to create a training environment that simulates game-like interactions that develop a player’s creativity, imagination, and tactical problem solving.  

Speed & Agility Training
Chicago Futsal Academy offers sports performance training, geared to the scholastic athlete ranging from 7 years old to 18 years old. The training includes speed, agility and strength training components that are age appropriate. Based on sports fundamentals, Adolescent growth spurt training should focus on the following five factors movement-based strengths, speed & agility, overall fitness, plyometric work and confidence. We focus on training that gives players extra training routines to add to their toolbox and valuable lessons to prevent injury prevention.

Personal Training
Players that seek more attention and constructive criticism then personal training may be a viable option. We are always willing to lend our expertise by offering a variety class sizes that can range from individual one-on-one training to a small group session or an entire team training session. Please inquire about rates and availability of coaches at the central office. 

Goal Keeper Training
Our session will focus on positioning, footwork, diving, and distribution,  with Didi Barreto, a goalie that competed at the World Stage with appearances in the Olympics and held the 99’ Bronze World Cup Medal for Brazil. Didi draws from her extensive professional experience and her tremendous coaching talent to easily translate more advanced concepts of goalkeeping. We are pleased to have quality trainers with the ability to take goalkeeper training for all youth to the next level. 

Youth Leagues U8 - U18 Leagues
US Soccer requires Futsal to be a part of the curriculum for all US Academy teams. Players develop precise ball control, technical skill,  agility, lightening reflexes and quick decision making through playing in a small enclosed area. We provide a variety of available times to accommodate league play for schools and club organizations. 

5v5 - we operate on the honor system, call your fouls, off sides and handballs. 
Three teams play 7 minutes - 4 teams play  5 minutes 
The winning team stays on the field - sits out after two consecutive wins - tie games both team sit out. 

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